• shaping the future of learning

    Today's workspace is undergoing a radical transformation. Almost all the jobs are changing as people and workplaces must continually adapt to a constant flow of new technologies, new sources of information and new communication channels. Roughly two-thirds of the school kids today will end up doing work that has not been invented yet. Many jobs are disappearing as robots take over many tasks.


    Humans have spirituality, morals, ethics, aesthetics, philosophy and love. Our future competitiveness against robots lies in these human virtues. Our ability to care, love and imagine will allow us to continue to be masters of the robot and not their servants. For people to flourish in this rapidly changing society, the ability to think and act creatively and collaboratively is more important than ever before. Human values like compassion, curiosity, courage and calm have become the backbone of the continual change.

    School of Gumption is conceived with a vision of empowering individuals to collectively design sustainable solutions for their desired future through deep personal mastery and navigating complexities of the 21st century, supported by a learning community and a culture that encourage making changes and taking risks. We focus on:

    • Tackling challenges related to UN Sustainable Development Goals for an inclusive future;
    • Developing gumption and skills by integrating head, heart and hands to co-create impactful solution;
    • Building partnership and eco-system to unlock human potential enabled by technology 

    • the roadmap of cultivating gumption


      Gumption Project:

      In a Gumption Project, learners choose to participate in an act of creating, making or building something that is personally meaningful to them. Within the creative space offered by Gumption Project, ones are given ample opportunities and contexts to be curious, compassionate, courageous, calm, committed and collaborative throughout the journey.


      Learning Outcome:

      1. Inner transformation: personal growth through the cultivation of 6C Gumption values
      2. Outer transformation: organizational/social growth through social innovation prototype







    • 6c gumption value as the essence of innovation



    • what we stand for

      School of Gumption (SoG) is a certified social enterprise founded in Singapore by Ms Liu Yan, a serial social entrepreneur, Ms Pham Hai Yen, a passionate educator and Mr Jack Sim, the founder of World Toilet Organization. Together with an ecosystem of purpose-driven partners, School of Gumption is a hybrid learning experience that builds personal and collective capacity for sustainable social impact.



      A world where every individual is able to realize their full potential and contribute collaboratively to an inclusive and sustainable future.


      We develop youth and professionals to be future ready and drive change with the heart and entrepreneurial dare.

    • our learning philosophy

      Learning through

      Future Creation and Active Inquiry

      Learning is deepened and enjoyed when it helps a learner to advance toward a personal aspired goal. And each personal goal reflects a learner’s values and believes in living a good life.



      Value Embodiment of 6C

      We build 6C values in our learners through languages, dialogues, reflections daily, because we learn values by hearing them from others, seeing others enacting the values, and over time, we unconsciously live, talk, act the values that we grow up with. The embodiment of values requires regular exposure to the environment and the culture ones live in, and the conscious intention to embrace these values as a way of being. Learning new values requires constant dance between our habitual self and our mindful self.

      Self-directed learning

      guided by the internal compass

      Each of us is created uniquely, with diverse talents, passions and roles in life. The best way for us to blossom into our full potential is to constantly navigate our life based on our internal compass: what do we do best? How do we learn best? How do we express ourselves the best? What do we care most?What types of activities do we lose ourselves in?

      Learning anytime, anywhere,

      from anyone and anything

      Learning happens all the time, through all of our senses. We learn from nature, we learn from one another, we learn from every existing feature of the environment around us. Intentional learning can happen even when there is no intentional teaching.


      Everyone can learn, and everyone can teach. We teach what we have learnt. Teaching deepens learning and is a learning process itself, because we have to find a way to clarify, express and communicate clearly what we need to teach.

    • what we do

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    • gumption youth

      How we help teens and youth to imagine and create the desired future for themselves and others

      Inspire and empower youth

      to dream, dare & do

      Future Creator Camp brings teens (13 - 17 years old) and youth together to learn about the most impactful social innovations and take the first step to imagine and build their own future. It is a highly experiential, experimental and empowering learning journey, where we believe it is never too early to inspire our youth to dream, dare and do.


      Apprenticeship Program (SoGaP)

      The Future Facilitator

      A practical learning opportunity for individuals who are keen to learn facilitation skills, the art of dialogue and workshop design and management for young audiences.

    • gumption educator

      How we help educators and school leaders to connect to their passion and re-imagine learning

      Adream Foundation Teacher Hackathon

      A mini-hackathon at Singapore Science Center to engage the 40 teachers from rural Chinese school to build prototypes of the solution to design a better experience to engage students at their own school.

      MoE school teacher training

      A workshop for one of the MoE school to facilitate the teachers to go through the design thinking process and present a solution for their own school.

      Teach for Vietnam

      Three educators are invited to participant in Future Creator Camp together with their students to envision what kind of future they would like to live in and help them uncover their inner wisdom and compassion and learn new skills to build their desired future.

      Panya Prateep School

      Three teachers/school leader are invited to participant in Future Creator Camp together with their students to envision what kind of future they would like to live in and help them uncover their inner wisdom and compassion and learn new skills to build their desired future.

      Creative Teaching for Vietnam Teachers

      A 2-day-creative teaching of science and math lesson in English for teachers at Nam Viet Institute of Education Sciences.

    • gumption projects

      How we help business and NGO to build their gumption to drive organisational changes and create impact from inside out

      The Curiosity in You - Thinking out of the Box

      A workshop at Prudential to help their staff to understand their mental model, developing skills to move beyond the limitation of their current model - to think out of the box. We invite everyone to observe the mental model about a selected theme/topic by asking “What is”. We would then step out of our current mental model and move on with the next question “What if?”, by playing and combining seemingly unrelated objects to arrive at unexpected new insights (Random combination), or taking inspiration from natural metaphor (The natural wisdom), or whipping up a new way of thinking with familiar ingredients (Remix)

      Finding your Inner Light

      An experiential workshop for 50 NUS Enterprise Summer Camp participants to go through a deep sensing experience to connect to their pain points, fully engage the intelligence of their hand and heart to connect to their source of Inner Knowing, to seek their purpose and listen to the calling of a better Future.

      Collective Leadership for Transformative Change in Brazil

      A play-based experiential Workshop for 35 CEO's from Brazil during the KES learning journey to co-create a new “desired future” for change to happen and establish collective leadership to drive change in Brazil.

      ‘Play with Gumption, Play for Good’ is an invitation from School of Gumption to play, collaborate and explore the core theme of International Fundraising Conference: “Building new ecosystem for social good” In this 90-minute session, we will engage participants in a hands-on workshop exploration of the conference theme and harness the ‘creative intelligence of crowd’ using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology​

      Future Ready Now!

      An experiential workshop for 20 business and school leaders from Singapore Chamber of Commerce to learn about the key insights how the exponential technologies and societal changes are shaping the way we work and some of the good applications to foster the 21st career among organisations, individuals and educational institutions.

      Out of your mind into your heart

      Out of your mind Into your heart is an invitation for us to pause and reflect about our world views through the invisible lens of our socially conditioned mind. When we realize that our perceptions about the world do not reflect the truths but simply a string of our own experience through the senses, we move on to seek the inner truth to guide our choices in life with the intelligence of our hearts.



      Empathy is an essential first step to being a great innovator. The more deeply you listen, the deeper your insights for innovation. But Emergent Listening gets us back in the picture, actively participating in what those insights are and allowing us to be surprised by the possibilities. We allow participants to experience four levels of listening and walk away with tools how to engage in deepest listening to build empathy and co-create.

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      Our impact

    • Personal Transformation

      Integrating the intelligence of the Head-Hands-Heart: The ability to anchor knowledge and skills onto a deeper sense of purpose and aspiration.


      Holding the space for collective learning & generative conversations: The capacity to make room for stakeholders within a system to come together for collective discoveries and authentic conversations.


      Understanding complexities: The capacity to shift our way of perceiving the world from linear to systemic, allowing a more integrative and holistic perspective for discovering strategic “acupuncture points”.


      Practicing the art and framework for innovating complex systems: The capacity to create a culture where innovation is a deliberate result of personal and collective intention and attention.

      Eco-system Building

      We see the education system as an essential instrument for a citywide development - and the city as a central instrument in the education system’s development. We aim to transform the city into one big school – the School of Gumption. We tackle municipal challenges while empowering and supporting its individual participants which can be students, teachers, school leaders, representatives from various organizations, civil servants, business representatives and every resident interested in taking part in tackling challenges. In this process, participants come together to form empowering and supporting groups, which utilizes each member unique skills and abilities to drive the change with a heart and entrepreneurial dare.

      Societal Impact

      We support learner to align their learning activity to create a better futures with heart & entrepreneurial dare, aligned with UN sustainable development goals.

    • our Insights

      Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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    • Our team

      We believe in the power of gumption with a growth and abundant mindset - Our team consists of individuals from different nationalities and professional backgrounds in education, social entrepreneurship, business, technology and wellness who are seeking to shaping the future of learning in Singapore and beyond. We also have a group of incredibly dedicated volunteers who bring their expertise and energy to advocate for life-long learning and an inclusive society.

      Liu Yan

      Cofounder & Chief Impact Officer

      Liu Yan is an award-winning social entrepreneur who has been advocating the new way of working and learning since 2004. She established China’s first coworking center Xindanwei listed by Fastcompany as “The World’s Top 10 most innovative company in China”. She is part of the founding team of Xinchejian, the pioneer of Asia’s maker movement. Liu Yan is also the cofounder and chief curator of China Australian Millennium Project (C.A.M.P), a unique 100-day incubator program designed to train, mentor and empower emerging young Australian and Chinese leaders and entrepreneurs.

      Pham Hai Yen

      Cofounder & Program Director

      Haiyen has been a passionate educator, a secondary school teacher and an officer at Ministry of Education in the past 10 years. She was the Head Of Department of Craft & Technology and led curriculum and pedagogy design, Art, Design & Technology, Food & Nutrition before joining School of Gumption. Background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with awarded ASEAN university scholarship, Haiyen's expertise and interests are among neuroscience of learning, Intrinsic motivation that drives human behaviour, multiple intelligences and how to unleash human potential and the role of emotion in human behaviour.

      Jack Sim

      Co-Founder & Chief Movement Officer

      Jack Sim is a Distinguished Fellow at the GFCC and founder of the World Toilet Organization. He broke the taboo around toilets by bringing the sanitation crisis to the global media spotlight in 2001, and has since mobilized a global movement involving governments, policy makers, United Nations agencies, international civil society, thought leaders and activists to work together in addressing the global sanitation crisis. Jack also founded Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) Hub, a business-centric organization using hybrid cross-sector collaborations to alleviate poverty sustainably through creating efficient BOP marketplace for the 4 billion poor.

      Steven Lau

      Chief Operation Officer

      Steven has been with the financial services industry since 1986, in both agency sales and management roles. He started with agency leadership training with Prudential in the corporate capacity from 2009. In 2014, Steven was appointed Head of Academy of Competence and Education (ACE) in Prudential, responsible for agency training and competence standards. In 2017, he moved on to agency development work for the top producers in Prudential.

      Steven is currently seconded to the School of Gumption for a period of 12 months under the Career Switch Programme initiative by Prudential. His passion for the development and well-being of the youths in Singapore is evidenced by his decision to join the School of Gumption under this initiative. Steven’s vast experience in sales, training and leadership management help us to sharpen our focus on the youth programme and support the engagement of all stakeholders.

      Seri Suryani

      Brand Strategist

      Seri has been a branding person and a design thinker for the past 15+ years. Today, she is also a LEGO Serious Playmaker/ Facilitator. She is an aspiring social do-gooder and looking to harness the power of human creativity and play to ignite growth, innovation and social impact.

      Her journey with the School of Gumption is an ongoing part of her commitment to share, learn, grow and contribute to the social sector. She has been an active volunteer at Singapore Girls Home - a home for youth at risk and currently Muhammadiyah Welfare Home (Singapore) and work alongside the founder of Singapore's first B Corp, Bettr Barista (2013) in building brand culture to around changing lives through coffee.

      Velda Wong

      Marketing Intern

      As an avid active volunteer and media practitioner, Velda has acquired years of experience in these fields. Her volunteer work spanned over a period of 12 years where she worked with organisations such as Silver Ribbon Singapore. She was eventually awarded the National Youth Achievement Award (Silver) in 2007. She is also the Chief Editor of NUS Students’ Union (NUSSU) The Ridge, NUS’s largest online publication. Most recently, Velda was selected to represent Singapore at the 8th University Scholars Leadership Symposium. Velda regards Eunice Olsen as her role model.

      Charleston Nyam

      Social Media Intern

      Charleston is an alumni of the Young South East Asian Leaders' Initiative. He has represented Singapore in the ASEAN Economic Community 2025 and the Protecting the Mekong Delta Environment Conference. He has also been specially handpicked by NTUitive to be part of the Overseas Entrepreneurship Program in China. As a Psychology student with a minor in Economics, Charleston hopes to fuse these school of thoughts to alleviate and resolve social issues through entrepreneurship.

      Roberto Fabbri

      Board Member/Advisor

      Having lived and worked in Asia for over 30 years, Roberto Fabbri has come to know and understand the Asian psyche. Roberto’s work has taken him around the world running various engineering and management projects.

      He has worked for and collaborated with different government bodies on numerous enterprises.

      Roberto has been conferred the title of Knight of the Republic of Italy twice. In 1995, he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (OMRI) in 2009 he was awarded the Order of the Star of Italy (OSSI).

      Ben Chan

      Program Partner

      Dr. Ben Chan is our key program partner of Gumption Youth and Gumption Bootcamp. He is the director of Education Academy at United in Diversity Forum (UID), Indonesia. He is the local faculty in the MIT-IDEAS Indonesia Program. Prior to his present position in UID, he was lecturing on Entrepreneurship and Business Creation at the Singapore Management University. Ben is also the Executive Director of Singapore’s Young Entrepreneurship Center - a human-capital center where young entrepreneurs come to learn the software of commercial and social entrepreneurship.

      Gina Sim


      A creative and an adventurer, Gina has over 18 years of international FMCG and B2C Marketing & Brand, Creative Communication experience in US, Singapore and China.
      As the APAC lead for Kimberly Clark’s Digital Innovation Lab, or D'Lab, Gina develops innovation pilot program with the best start-up companies and entrepreneurs from around the globe to help identify potential solutions for the company and its well-known global brands such as Kleenex, Huggies, Depend and Kotex.

      Donald Hansen


      Don is a retired IBM executive with over 30 years of global experience leading complex teams and acting as a change agent for multinational corporations. He has received many awards and accolades for ground breaking first-of-a-kind projects throughout his career; including the internet’s first secure electronic transaction (SET) implementation is Asia and, more recently, the first award of IBM Watson AI for banking.

      Since retiring Don has focused his attention on independent consulting projects, advising startups and angle investing.

      Yen-Lu Chow


      Yen-lu’s career spans 35+ years in the tech, media, venture capital industry and the social space.

      As a technologist and an internationally recognized leader in interactive language technologies, Yen-Lu was responsible for the development of several award-winning technology systems and products; As an active angel investor and company builder, he sits on the board of directors as well as advises several start-up companies in Asia and the US; As a philanthrophist, Yen-Lu cofounded Over the Rainbow - an organization to empoweryoung people with practical, hands-on holistic self-care strategies.

      Daniel Goldman


      Daniel has spent most of his time on the leading edge, or supporting those on the leading edge, and building communities of trust and collaboration.

      Daniel built the popular online community, Inner Circle; he was founder and built Total Entertainment Network, now POGO, an early online community bought by Electronic Art. He lead innovation work with the EPA and WHO, bridging innovation communities.

      His service on non- and for-profit boards, includes Netcom and Climate Cartoons. Daniel began mentoring and angel investing in 1997 with Ellie Mae, which went public in 2011 and currently trades at more than 15x its go to market price.

      Dr Vivienne Ming

      Senior Advisor

      Named one of 10 Women to Watch in Tech by Inc. Magazine, Dr. Vivienne Ming is a theoretical neuroscientist, entrepreneur, and author. She co-founded Socos, her fourth company, where she combines machine learning, cognitive neuroscience, and economics to maximize life outcomes in education and the workplace. Previously, Vivienne was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley's Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience, pursuing her research in cognitive neuroprosthetics. She sits on boards of numerous companies and nonprofits including StartOut, The Palm Center, Cornerstone Capital, Platypus Institute, Shiftgig, Zoic Capital, and SmartStones.

      Ronald Van Den Hoff

      Senior Advisor

      Known as the founding father of Society 3.0, Ronald is the co-founder of CDEF Holding BV, a Holding company with a remarkable range of ventures operating on the disruptive intersection of the Hospitality Industry and the entrepreneurial world of Internet.

      CDEF incorporates ‘much discussed’, disruptive exponential formulas, like the co-working and meeting centers Seats2meet.com and the Society 3.0 Foundation.

      Seats2meet.com, with over 200 locations worldwide, has become an interactive breeding ground for entrepreneurship, inspiration, innovation, cross-linking and cross-pollination through collaboration facilitated by an in-house software called ‘The Serendipity Machine’.

    • Our partners

      It is our deep privilege to have an opportunity to work with visionary, inspiring and future-oriented key partners to co-create systemic change in the future of learning.

      BoP Hub


      BoP Hub was established in 2011 with a vision to design business to end poverty. A Singapore-based business accelerator platform, our mission is to catalyse and strengthen cross-sector collaboration and participation in social entrepreneurship. To that end, BoP Hub serves as a gateway for business ventures, technologists, and manufacturers to access BoP markets. We work to bundle and weave products with distribution, logistics, economies of scale, public policy, design, and technology in order to complete the supply chain and more effectively deliver much needed goods and services to consumers at the base of the pyramid.



      Founded by Taizo Son, a Japanese serial entrepreneur, investor and visionary thinker, Mistletoe is a hub for startups and the overall entrepreneurial ecosystem. It specifically provides learning opportunities for entrepreneurs, facilitates startup communities, invests in and supports startup companies and venture capitals. Mistletoe turns the entrepreneurial challenge into world impact.

      One Maker Group

      OneMaker Group Pte Ltd (OMG) is a leading regional maker-centric service provider in Singapore. We have been advocating and supporting the nascent maker movement in Singapore since our establishment in 2014. As a for-profit organization, our core business revolves around maker education, community building, professional development and prototyping commercializable products and solutions. Our experience in building Makerspaces (a collaborative fabrication space that allows users to build, tinker and experiment their own projects) allows us to better support our clients who are intending to create and curate their own spaces.

      Presencing Institute

      Founded in 2006 by MIT Sloan School of Management Senior Lecturer Otto Scharmer and colleagues in order to create an action research platform at the intersection of science, consciousness, and profound social change, the Presencing Institute is an awareness-based action-research community for profound individual and institutional renewal. Over the past two decades, PI has developed Theory U as a social technology, led cross-sector change initiatives worldwide, and created a popular innovation platform (originally launched as a Massive Open Online Course) called u.lab.

      Serendipity Machine @ Seats2meet

      Founded by the Founding Father of Society 3.0, Ronald Van Der Hoff, S2M facilitate physical locations and virtual environments where members get dynamically matched to relevant people, events and content that can all add value to people. S2M believe that connecting them makes them stronger. That is why everything Serendipity Machine is developed to connect and empower people to excel, both as an individual and as a professional.

      Singapore Science Center

      Science Centre Singapore and its group of attractions bring out the wonders of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through its unique blend of exhibitions, educational programmes or events. In nearly four decades, over 17 million visitors have entered our doors, arriving with curiosity and leaving inspired by our creative and innovative content.

      SPLASH Community Project

      Splash Community Projects is a UK-based company that delivers innovative experiential learning programmes through real-life community projects. SPLASH helps clients and partners achieve business objectives while helping charities and community organisations. Supported by a team of HR professionals and specialist contractors, SPLASH can be found with clients building schools in the heart of the Belizean jungle, adventure playgrounds in London, classrooms in China or delivering training and aid to African communities in need.


      Founded by Japanese serial entrepreneur and visionary thinker, Taizo Son, VIVITA creates environments that inspire creativity through providing children with 21st-century tools, materials and a flexible, supportive framework. As a part of the mission to transform education, VIVITA lowers the entry point of modern tools to give access to all children, regardless of economic, social, or regional constraints. VIVITA is a community that transforms inspirations into real skills as a supplement to the standard education.

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